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ALCom Lab introduction (pdf)

EDA field introduction:

台大電機系 系主任時間 (slides) 

Undergraduate Students:

For students interested in logic design, algorithms, programming, and/or discrete mathematics, we have several exciting projects along these directions. See also the blurb.

Some candidate projects can be found in the presentation slides of 專題說明會 on 2/10/2009. 

Graduate Students:

The current research areas of ALCom Lab include

  • large-scale formal verification and logic synthesis with new data structures (our results published in ICCAD 2007 exemplify this direction),
  • statistical circuit optimization considering process variations (our results published in PATMOS 2007 exemplify this direction), and
  • computation models and optimization techniques for emerging technologies, such as quantum computation, biological network analysis and synthesis (our results in quantum mechanical search exemplify this direction).

ALCom Lab is supposed to be a small group, and is unique in that every member enjoys plenty of research resources and takes on exciting research projects. By developing leading techniques in the world, our goal is to make lasting impacts. We desperately look for talented students who are self-motivated, ambitious, and full of curiosity to join us.

(More info can be found in the presentation slides for the NTU EDA orientation 招生說明會 on 11/13/2009.)


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